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Lotes Toys Baby Car Retro V, LBC45

Lotes Toys Baby Car Retro V, LBC45

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Lotes Toys Baby Car Retro V, LBC45, size 118x60x70mm, weight 100gram.

We are parents of 4 wonderful daughters and all our toys are made to make the kids happy, to create the playing fun without computers, tablets and TV .
Car- constructor helps to develop imagination, coordination, counting and many other skills.
To have a nice feeling, all corners are rounded.

The toys have unique design, made by my husband Edijs and they all are made by hand with love and care.
To make our toys we use Latvian ash and birch. The structure of ash wood is unrepeatable and never not the same. You will have the toy with exclusive wood pattern.
We don't use colors and treat the toys only with natural wax.

Lotes Toys Made in compliance with EU toy's safety standard and all safety requirements, CE marking.
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